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Jailyne Ojeda (born on January 9, 1998, age: 24 years) is an American social media influencer, model, and fitness enthusiast from Arizona. Her stunning figure and unique beauty have made her one of the most popular Instagram personalities in the world, with over 14.2 million followers (as of December 2022) on the platform. In July 2018, a video of her wearing a two-piece bikini and twerking went viral on social media, making her an overnight sensation.

About Jailyne Ojeda

Jailyne is well-known for her curvy body and often posts pictures of herself wearing bikinis, lingerie, and gym wear. She has also been featured in some music videos and modeling campaigns. Jailyne is the brand ambassador of fashionnova, and she runs her businesses where she sells beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products; she also has a clothing line named Snatched by Jailyne.

As of December 2022, she has amassed 14.2 million followers on Instagram, 302K subscribers on YouTube & 10M followers on Facebook.


Jailyne Ojeda Biography, Early Life & Education

Jailyne was born and raised in Arizona, USA. She was voted the best reader in her school and graduated from Betty Fairfax Senior High School. In fourth grade, she was also bullied by some of her classmates. Her classmates called her giraffe because she was much taller than them.

At only thirteen years old, she had already worked in various restaurants and clothing stores. She was constantly hustling and was yet to become famous on Instagram. However, because she had amassed quite a few followers, club owners paid her to advertise their clubs on her Facebook page. Even though she was young, people often mistook her for being older due to her adult appearance.

She not only learned how to walk and do her makeup at modeling and acting schools but also developed skills in acting. In 2019, she did a music video with Alfredo Olivas (Tus Lágrimas). As of December 2022, the video has 140 million views. After appearing in Alfredo’ music video, she became much more popular. In Mexico, everyone wanted pictures with her, and it was surreal. That’s where her celebrity career started.

Jailyne memes also gave her a boost. It eventually led to more followers for her. She also approached influencers with large followings and paid them for shoutouts.

Jailyne Ojeda Wiki/Bio

Full Real Name Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa
Nickname Jailyne
Date of Birth January 9, 1998
Age (as of 2022) 24 Years
Popular for Being an American social media influencer, model, and fitness enthusiast
Profession Social media influencer, Model
Place of Birth Arizona, USA
School Betty Fairfax Senior High School
University Phoenix College
Education Graduation
Net Worth $10-$15 Million (approx.)
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Languages English, Spanish
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Jailyne Ojeda Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Jailyne’s fans can’t help but obsess over her physical appearance, like her height, weight, eye color, and body type. And we understand why – she looks incredible.

Jailyne Ojeda’s stats are as follows: she is 5 feet 6 inches (170cm) tall, weighs 56 kg (123 LBS), and has black hair and eyes. Her shoe size is a 7(US). Additionally, her body measurements are 34-21-40 (86-53-101cm).

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Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5’6″
In Meters: 1.70m
In Centimeters: 170cm
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 56KG
In Pounds: 123LBS
Distinctive Features Wide Lips
Hair Length Tail-bone Length
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Body Measurements 34-21-40 (Inches approx.)
Tattoos No
Piercings No
Surgery Nose

Jailyne Ojeda Family, Parents & Siblings

Jailyne, the eldest daughter, always wanted to help her father, who worked in construction, because she loved him and saw how hard he worked. She wanted to earn enough money so her father could retire and have a better life. In addition to loving her father, Jailyne loves her mother dearly and has two younger siblings: sister Alexia and Brother Johnny.

Father’s name  Mr. Ochoa
Mother’s name  Dulce Ochoa
Sister One (Alexia)
Brother One (Johnny)
Kids No
Marital status Single

Not Known

Jailyne Ojeda Siblings
Jailyne Ojeda’s Siblings
jailyne ojeda mother and father
Jailyne Ojeda’s mother and father

Jailyne Ojeda Boyfriend/Husband

Jailyn has been keeping her personal life out of the public eye and, to our knowledge, is still single. Although she’s had past relationships, according to her, they were all “trash experiences.” A few years ago, hackers got into her iCloud and posted her private pictures on the internet. At that time, she had a boyfriend for whom she took those private pictures. Her haters took advantage of that by removing her clothes from the images in Photoshop.

Jailyne Ojeda Plastic Surgery/Surgeon

Why was 2017 the worst year of her life?

2017 was the worst year of her life. She was in depression because she got plastic surgery, which messed up her face, but she didn’t tell her followers. Instead, she posted old pictures and pretended like everything was fine. When she became famous as an influencer, she realized that everyone around her – famous people and other influencers – had undergone some plastic surgery to look perfect.

She was shocked that she hadn’t thought of getting a nose job sooner after some girls said it would make her prettier. They gave her the contact information of a doctor in Iran who is currently doing surgeries in Ukraine. They said he would do everything for free if she posted about him on social media.

Why she traveled to Ukraine?

Jailyne went to Ukraine with a friend to meet the Doctor. Although he could speak English, she had trouble understanding him. The Doctor’s assistant, who was also from Iran but spoke English better than the Doctor, served as a translator between them. The Doctor asked her to give him a shout-out on social media. Everything went differently than planned because of the Doctor; this nose job was her first surgery and wasn’t performed in ideal conditions.

After some time had passed, the Doctor suddenly asked her if she wanted to go straight to surgery without any blood tests or anything else. When she woke from surgery, she felt something growing on her cheek and was in immense pain. She tried to scream, but no sound came out.

After a nurse called the Doctor, he arrived, appearing to be drunk. He began examining her with his bare hands without saying anything. She asked him what was happening, and he told her to go back to sleep. When she woke up again, she felt dizzy and weak. Looking down at her leg, she saw two holes and took a photo of them after they returned her phone.

Jailyne Ojeda Surgery and Surgeon
Jailyne Ojeda Surgery and Surgeon

When did she have her surgery?

He performed the surgery on January 12. She returned home on January 22, 2017. The Doctor did whatever he wanted to her face and leg. Thank God he didn’t touch the rest of her body. The first thing she did when she got to the US was checking if she had been raped, but luckily, she wasn’t. They didn’t let Jailyne’s friend stay with her in the hospital, so they sent her to a hotel instead.

After that incident, Jailyne became depressed for six months and didn’t want anyone to see her. Once she got better, she messaged her Doctor about how she felt, but the Doctor said if she didn’t give him a promotion, he would post pictures of her online. She was already depressed and refused to do that, so the Doctor blocked her.

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One day, she had critical issues with her cheeks and had to go to the emergency room. Eventually, after consulting a doctor, it was discovered that they would have to cut nerves inside her face. These nerves on each side of the face control movements; this is why she can’t smile fully.

How she met Dr. Ghavami?

After that, she began seeking doctors who could help her escape this unusual predicament. She came across Dr. Ghavami’s page and shared her story with him. He was blown away after hearing the entire story. She drove to LA with her family because they didn’t want her to go alone–she wanted to have her natural nose back, but getting your natural nose was impossible.

On TikTok, people have criticized her for being “plastic,” but the reality is that she had her nose done- not her entire body. Dr. Ghavami was the one who exposed this information to everyone, and she gave a shout-out to him on Instagram.

Jailyne Ojeda Before and After

Jailyne Ojeda Before and After
Jailyne Ojeda Before and After
Jailyne Ojeda Before and After Surgery
Jailyne Ojeda Before and After Surgery

Jailyne Ojeda Memes

When she started her Instagram account, all her pictures became memes. Celebrities began sharing those memes, which helped her gain followers on Instagram.

Jailyne Ojeda Career, Net Worth & Income Source

She makes money by selling clothes on the app Poshmark and gets paid to wear clothing brands as part of a promotion. When she’s done with the promo, she sells the clothes. She also takes risks in her home flipping business – buying houses that are destroyed or not in excellent condition, fixing them up, and then selling them for almost double what she paid.

You can find her on her mobile phone app, where she posts vlogs, health and beauty tips, haircare routine videos, and more. You can also ask her questions on that app. Jailyne’s primary source of income is social media platforms, where she does promotions for brands.

She is an ambassador for fashionnova and runs her businesses selling beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products. Additionally, she has a clothing line called “Snatched by Jailyne.” Her estimated net worth falls somewhere between $10-$35 million.

Nationality & Ethnicity

Religion Christian
Nationality American


  • She loves to travel, meet new people and socialize.
  • She is a Capricorn, and her sister is a Leo. Her sister is four years younger than her.
  • Her sister’s guilty pleasure is smelling her belly button.
  • Both sisters sometimes have physical fights and even block each other on social media, but not in real life.
  • Her favorite destinations are the Bahamas, Colombia, Bali, and Greece.
  • She abstains from smoking, drinking, and partying.
  • Her sister looks like a white girl, but she looks Mexican.
  • Ever since she was in fourth grade, she’s wanted to have two kids. She even has their names picked out already.
  • By ignoring all the hate and negativity, she stays strong-minded. 
  • Because she is curious about different religions, she read the entire book of Mormon.
  • She has a particular closet for storing gifts from her fans.
  • After she switched to a raw vegan diet, her skin began glowing, and her hair and nails grew significantly.
  • When she was younger, her classmates called her giraffe because she was much taller than them. In fourth grade, she was also bullied by some of her classmates.
  • Her Instagram account has mostly male followers because of her curvy body.
  • Her dog’s names are Coco, Zeus, and Fendi.
  • She has no tattoos.
  • Paulo Coelho is her favorite author, and she is proud to have his entire collection.
  • Her captions aren’t just copied and pasted from the internet- they’re original works of genius.
  • She also hosts club events.
  • She has done modeling for Philipp Plein in Italy.
  • She recently got herself a new car, the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.
  • She has 711k subscribers (as of December 2022) on her Snapchat.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jailyne Ojeda?

She is an American influencer, model, and fitness enthusiast from Arizona.

Did Jailyne Ojeda has plastic surgery?

She just got a nose job. Her body is Natural.

Where does Jailyne Ojeda live?

She lives in Arizona, USA.

How old is Jailyne Ojeda?

She was born on January 9, 1998, and is 24 years old. 

What is Jailyne Ojeda’s height and weight?

She is 5 feet 6 inches (170cm) tall and weighs 56 kg (123 LBS).

What are the body measurements of Jailyne Ojeda?

Her body measurements are 34-21-40 (86-53-101cm).

Who is Jailyne Ojeda’s surgeon?

Dr. Ghavami performed her nose surgery.

Does Jailyne Ojeda have a natural body?

Yes, her body is natural.

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